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Kevin G. Otto, DDS – Kirkland Family Dental Care • Kent Thomazin, DVM – Salish Veterinary Hospital • Nima Dejbod, DMD – Evergreen Endodontics Smita Patel, DMD – Little Pearls Kid Dentistry • Jody L. Brennan, DDS – Brennan Dental • Paul Allen Chilton, DDS – Olympic View Dental


Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jacob Ritter, my wife and I own and operate Ritter Plumbing & Mechanical. A while ago we recognized a need for specialized service in the medical sector and sought to promote our business toward this area of expertise.

Ritter Plumbing & Mechanical is certified to practice the installation, alteration and maintenance of N.F.P.A. Category 1, 2 and 3 systems, as well as their associated waste, vent and potable water requirements. We are very experienced in this line of work. The relationships we maintain with equipment suppliers and subcontractors allow us to add to the value we provide. From minor repairs and tenant improvement to complete clinic construction, we have the experience, knowledge, capability and decorum to ensure a project meets needed requirements and customer satisfaction.

If you need to upgrade your system or know another medical professional who does, give us a call!


Common Systems We Install:

      Dental and surgical vacuum distribution systems and equipment

      Dental and medical compressed air distribution systems and equipment

      Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen distribution systems and equipment

      Premise and equipment isolation through backflow assemblies

      Potable water distribution systems and equipment

      Sanitary waste and vent systems and equipment


Considering A Plumbing Project?  Then Consider Ritter Plumbing & Mechanical To Take Care Of The Job!

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